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Want to know the health of your Club with the click of a mouse?

ClubSoft's dashboards give you the tools to do this.

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Tired of having to re-create a club event on your calendar, in your newsletter, on your club news page and on your Facebook page?

ClubSoft's "one and done" smart technology allows you to easily push what you have already created to multiple platforms.


Is managing employee vacation, benefits, and HR in general taking up too much of your staff's valuable time?

Let ClubSoft introduce you to it's latest offering: Employee Resource Management. Our cost effective and user friendly HR technology has launched to rave reviews.

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Want to offer your members a more interactive approach to selecting a wine from your offerings?

Contact us today to learn how Vinopad, an exclusive offering from ClubSoft, allows your members to view your wine list on an iPad. This cool app provides reviews, tasting notes, and is easy for your staff to manage.


Did you know that the number of people using mobile devices to access the web is growing at over 300%?

ClubSoft's mobile view gives your members the options they need to view their statement online, make reservations and more.

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Accounting & POS for Fitness Clubs:

"ClubSoft is the only provider offering "real time" integration between POS/Accounting and the web. Members can now eat lunch, play golf, go home and see their tickets online in real time."

-Jerry Garcia, General Manager at The Kittansett Club 

No two clubs are exactly alike. Think of everything that is unique about your membership – your minimums, your dues structure, other recurring charges and, of course, the special rules, discounts and fees that apply to only a few members. This is why ClubSoft allows you to configure a membership management experience as unique as your Club.


General Ledger, Membership Billing, Electronic Payments, Accounts Payable, Customized Financial Reporting, Payroll, Food & Beverage Point of Sale, Retail Point of Sale, Inventory Management, Staff Timekeeping, Gatekeeper Banquet Management, Employee Resource Management.

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Online Community for Fitness Clubs:

"We have been using the ClubSoftlinks product for over a year and it is the backbone of our entire online communication for the membership. We are especially pleased with the event reservation system, and are looking forward to utilizing the dining reservation system. The Social Network concept makes it much more than just a static web site, and we have seen it dramatically improve attendance to our activities at the club. We continue to receive positive feedback from the membership on the website and our on-going communications efforts. "

-Kenneth P. Kinka, General Manger at Northridge Country Club


ClubSoft realizes that your online solutions are what touches your members and that it is important to make these modules intuitive and user friendly. That is why we have developed the most robust integrated reservation engine and social network in the industry. Our online member community gives your Club the tools it needs to truly interact with your members 24 hours a day. Our software does the work for you through smart technology such as marketing events to members making tee times and pushing events to Facebook for you instead of having to duplicate work.


Online Lessons, Event Reservations, A La Carte Dining Reservations, Spa Reservations, Court Reservations, Full Reservation Engine, Online Newsletter, Online Statements, Online Payments, Private Social Newtork, Email Marketing, Directory, Member Messaging, Photo Gallery, Employee Scheduling, Mobile, Tournaments, Events, Online Reports

Public Websites for Fitness:

"You guys are awesome!!! We are already getting flooded with emails about how great the new site is. I really do appreciate all your help."

-Membership and Marketing Coordinator at North Carolina State University

In a world that is moving forward at the speed of technology, it is imperative for your business to keep up with the times. More than ever, today's club must be focused on its online image. Online branding solutions from ClubSoft will make certain that your club not only has a strong online presence, but is also sending the right message to everyone involved. We provide a comprehensive set of services to generate aesthetically pleasing websites with superior functionality and social media interconnectivity. In other words, we'll outfit your club from head to toe with the must-haves of today's online world. This results in a positive branding "experience" that will leave a lasting impression for members and visitors alike. Our smart technology also allows you to push club events to your public website from your online community giving you an additional marketing tool to help turn prospects into members and drive member participation.


Content Management, SEO management, Image Manager, Event Linkage, Templates

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Cloud Solutions for Fitness Clubs: 

"We saved thousands by avoiding the upgrade of our current servers, or purchase of new servers. For any club looking to reduce their IT and maintenance costs, ClubSoft's hosted option is definitely the best option."

-David Dew at Lake Toxaway Country Club 

Ask yourself – how safe is my members information; addresses, phone numbers, credit card and bank account numbers? More often than not, that data sits on a server available to Employees, Vendors and possibly hackers. Placing those valuable resources in a club closet could put you at risk. Placing those same resources into the ClubSoft Cloud will give you real security. There are some things you just can't prevent such as fire, floods, and natural disasters. Be sure you have a fail safe system in place. ClubSoft's cloud solution can provide you with that.

-No more expensive outlays for the next new server
-No more is my system backed up
-No more concern for fires, floods, thefts or crashes


-Hosted is a SAS 70 Type II-certified datacenter that is built to a 2N power distribution standard

-24/7 365 days a year full service management for your mission critical application

-The latest technology from Microsoft and VMware, PCI Compliant --Always current technology

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