A Unique Company is Born

About Us:

ClubSoft was born out of the frustration that the founding team members had with the private club software market. They knew that the industry deserved better, and one way or another they were determined to reshape it through superior technology and affordable products. Today, ClubSoft is the only truly integrated reservation, POS/accounting, social network system available to the private club market. We deliver all of your software needs from inbox to tee-box. The company is owned and operated by people who take personal pride in the quality of the products as well as the support provided to customers.

Merger with McConnell Golf:

In 2010 ClubSoft and McConnell Golf merged. The merger created a unique company in the industry. McConnell Golf is the premier private club owner in the Carolinas. Owning and operating top private clubs gives our organization a perspective that no other technology vendor has. The McConnell team spent 20 years in the software and technology industry and has owned and operated multiple private clubs for the past 9 years. With the merger, we now work in the same environment as our clients and share the same needs for functionality and service. A decision to partner with ClubSoft means that you will have the most experienced company in the business helping you design and implement technology for your Club.

Acquisition of Back9links:

In 2011 ClubSoft acquired Back9links. As a vendor and a club owner and operator, ClubSoft realized that Back 9 had a product offering unlike any other company in the marketplace. They harnessed the power of a strong reservation suite and matched that to a private social network that engaged club memberships instead of just informing them.

The Back 9 purchase correlated with our strategy of allowing clubs the option of dealing with one vendor for an "inbox to tee box" solution for automation. The Back 9 product, now ClubSoftlinks, delivers the most powerful reservation system in the industry today. No other single vendor can deliver a completely integrated package like the suite we have. To get this much functionality elsewhere, golf and private clubs will need to have at least two vendors involved and must deal with interfaces between the products.



Mission Statement:

ClubSoft is committed to delivering the best technology and service to the private club industry. We accomplish this by maintaining the highest standards of product and people. The true measure of our success is how much more value we can offer to our customers than what we receive in payment.